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Magnesite plant in Jelšava, biggest mining and processing magnesite plant in Slovakia and also one of the biggest dead-burnt magnesia „DBM“ producers in the world belongs now to Slovak magnesite work, joint adventure, Jelšava.

Production program orientates to a production of unshaped dead-burnt magnesia refractory products, caustic magnesia and slag making additives. Company production is mainly focused to a steel industry, refractory industry, chemical industry, building industry and agriculture.

During its existence plant has undergone various transformation processes. After disintegration of the state company SMZ Košice was in 1st of January 1993 establish state company Jelšava which on 16th of February was transformed to Joint Stock Company.

Exploitation of raw magnesite is realized by plutonic method in its own deposit Dubrava massif. By its geological verified and accessible reserves, mining method, storage proportions and mining-technological relation represents one of the world’s biggest deposits of this mineral. Currently filed raw material reserves predestine eventuality of magnesite processing for at least next 100 years. Extraction uses a progressive and ecological stock piling mining method together with most modern drilling and transporting mechanism. Three rotary kilns and six shaft kilns with fully automatic operational regime are main production heat aggregates.

Main heat aggregates are three rotary kilns and six shaft kilns which are fully automated.

Production program is focused to a production of dead-burnt magnesia products, caustic calcined magnesia a slag making additives. Company production is assigned to a steel industry, refractory materials industry, building industry, chemistry and agriculture.

Basic company philosophic attributes are quality of all processes and outputs, reliability and compliancy which guaranties a complex customers and employees satisfaction. High level of production processes quality and ecology are obtained certificates.

Present position of the company has been strenghtened during all the time of its existence and the company has achieved a great reputation on domestic and international markets. Mentioned facts were confirmed by following awards given to the company:

Ministry of Employment, social affairs and family of SR

- positions in competition „Employer responsive to family“

  • 2001 – 1. place in category - the most original measure for the family
  • 2001 – 2. place in category - politics of the family
  • 2002 – 3. place in category - politics of the family
  • 2003 – 3. place in category - politics of the family
  • 2004 – 3. place in category -politics of the family
  • 2005 – references to realize audit

Ministry of Agriculture of SR

  • 2002 – The best exporter of the year
  • 2005 – The best exporter of the year

Slovak trade and industrial Chamber

  • category : Production organization
  • Big award – for ethical principles in bussiness

RK SOPK Lučenec

  • - category : Industrial production
  • The Crystal Mercury – in years 2000, 2005

Club of personnel managers of SR

  • HR Oscar in the year 2000 – project for employees education

Slovak humanistics Council

  • Gift of the year 2000
  • Gift of the year 2001


Magnesite works in Jelšava is the greatest mining and manufacturing magnesite plant in Slovakia. Nowadays, it is a property of joint-stock company and it has gone through over 100 years old history. During the time of its existence the company went through different kinds of transformation process. After breaking-up of the state concern SMZ Košice, on 1.1.1993 there was established the state concern SMZ Jelšava. On 16.2.1994 the plant was registered in the Commercial Register as a joint-stock company.


  • SMZ, a.s. Jelšava
    Teplá Voda 671
    049 16 Jelšava
    Slovenská republika